• 2018 – 2020 (Teaching Assistant)
    1. JOUR3046 Critical Comparative Studies of News Media Systems” (Semester2, 2018-2019) of Professor Cherian George (Department of Journalism, Hong Kong Baptist University): This course is looking at journalism around the world. It examines news media through the lens of the universal right to freedom of expression, and considers journalism’s potential and actual contribution to democracy. The course is showing how media are influenced by laws, politics, economics, culture, and ideology. It is also dealing with cases from various countries, representing political systems ranging from liberal democracies such as the United States to communist states such as China, as well as semi-democracies and soft authoritarian regimes.
    2. JOUR3016 Political Economy for Journalists” (Semester1, 2018-2019) of Assistant Professor Luwei Rose Luqiu (Department of Journalism, Hong Kong Baptist University): This course is designed to provide students with critical thinking skills and analytical tools to compare and assess media systems in different countries, focus on how media ownership impact news media and journalists. The framework used in this course will be an immersive, interdisciplinary analysis that intermixes media studies, history, politics, anthropology, and sociology.
  • 2018 (Guest Lecturer)
    Two lectures (23 & 30 May) focusing more on data journalism tools & examples from Asia for the course “Data Journalism” of Assistant Professor Nikos Antonopoulos, Ionian University.
  • 2017 (Guest lecturer)
    Lecture and workshop for the course “Electronic Publishing and the Internet” of Nikos Antonopoulos (19 December, School of Journalism and Mass Communications of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).