Article 3 of the Greek Constitution


A scientific article was published on 6 July with the valuable contribution of Assistant Professor Nikos Antonopoulos and PhD candidate of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications (AUTH), Theodora Saridou. The study examines closely Article 3 of the Greek Constitution (the Separation between State and Church) regarding the coverage of news outlets in Greece and the opinions of students of Journalism and Mass Communications. I am pleased that the paper was published by KOME – An international journal of pure communication inquiry. Further, I would like to thank the Editor, Janos Toth, and the two Reviewers for improving the paper.

Please read below the abstract and read the article by clicking on the link:

This study is concerned with Article 3 of the Greek Constitution and the relations between the State and the Church in Greece. The scientific views expressed regarding the Third Article of the Constitution were examined with emphasis on the public debate that developed aroundthe interpretation of the terms ‘prevailing religion’ and ‘holy canons’. Moreover, the results of two studies carried out are presented in order to approach the issue from a journalistic perspective. The first research was conducted on websites to see howmedia are contributing to the debate on what Article 3 stipulates. The second research looked at how citizens directly related to journalism and communication perceive the stipulations of this Article. The results revealed how Article 3 of the Constitution is in question in its current form and how, in the future, it could be fairer to all Greek citizens via an open and multidimensional dialogue.

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