Awards, IAMCR2021, AEJMC2021 & the Macedonian Name

In the passed days, I had the opportunity to present my research about the recent events concerning the Macedonian Name Dispute (MND) at IAMCR2021 & AEJMC2021. All five research papers are dealing with different aspects of the name dispute, including new theoretical contributions.

In addition, I was surprised by winning two awards for two of them during the AEJMC2021:

2nd place in AEJMC’s Cultural & Critical Studies Division (CCSD) student paper competition for the paper “Disinformation and Weaponized Communication: The Spread of Ideological Hate about the Macedonian Name in Greece”.

3rd place in AEJMC’s Media Ethics Division (MED) student paper competition for the paper “A Need for Change: The Perceived Power of Media and Journalists in Greece”.

The feedback for all the papers helped improve them. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude and warm wishes to all the discussants during the AEJMC2021, to the scholars that supported my research with their critical and kind words, as well as the Media Ethics Division of AEJMC for the relaxed & welcoming energy that led to a great session!

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